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Intersdisciplinary open seminar organised by Occulto's editor and publisher Alice Cannavà in Berlin; its multiformat program — lectures, artist’s talks, performances, screenings, workshops, one-night exhibitions — brings together hard sciences, humanities and the arts.


8 DECEMBER 2016, 7.30PM

ACUD (Studio space, 1st floor)
Veteranenstr. 21, 10119 Berlin
Contact: alice [at] occultomagazine.com


Short introduction by Alice Cannavà
Julia Läger - Talk
Analytical Engine - AV Performance
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graduated in Physics in 2015 with a focus on investigating 2D materials with scanning probe microscopy. As


she uses her voice a the source material, algorithmically layered into dense ambiences and merging with sonified images inspired by her background in science. The results of her improvisations are eerie soundscapes transforming from mesmerizing pop drone to pulsating noise.


On the occasion of our second session, the intersections, correspondences and tensions between hard sciences and the arts that we aim at exploring will be embodied in one person, Julia Läger aka Analytical Engine. She will start by giving a talk about techniques and examples from her research in physics — focused on scanning tunneling microscope (STM); then, after a short break, she will gently switch to her work as musician — partially informed by her scientific practices — by presenting a live audiovisual performance.

The 'picture' theme is an especially suitable one for the interdisciplinary spirit of the seminar. Vision is the dominating sense of human kind; it is natural and understandable that the visualization, comment, or representation through images of non-visual sources — be it statistical data, sounds, numbers, code, etc. — is a widespread practice in each and every field: Imaging techniques in scientific research and medical diagnostics, diagrams, live cinema and visual music are but few examples. Both still and moving images are immediate and powerful to us, and in this sense they can also become dangerous and misleading. The way images are produced and used in different contexts, which conventions and standards they respect, how the technologies used to obtain them have evolved: all that represents most certainly a meaningful, useful and fascinating target for our curiosity and thirst of knowledge.

In accordance to the 'experimental' nature of the series, we won't engage in a 360-degree academic discussion about the chosen topic but rather bring you lively examples, stories, images, references and the occasion to start a collective discussion or collaboration. The picture theme is so rich and relevant to us that we're planning to make a few more sessions about it - that's why the is "The Picture Experiment I".


series addresses and welcomes a very diverse public — scientists and artists, students and workers, all-round nerds and curious passers-by. Recurring lecturers and one-time guests will include hard and soft sciences researchers, historians and writers as well as visual artists, film directors, musicians and designers. Their professional and personal adventures as well as reflections and works resulting from them will be put on the table and provide inspiration, examples and topics of discussion by telling — and showing — you stories. Expect an informal situation, the possibility to develop a collective ongoing debate and collaborations, reports of each session with bibliographic references, as well as good food and music.


Entrance: 5 Eur
Vegetarian catering: Details coming soon
Venue: ACUD, Studio Space (1st floor), Veteranenstr. 21, 10119 Berlin
Public Transport: U8 Rosenthalerplatz, Tram 12 and M1 (Zionskirchplatz)
Fair-priced bar by ACUD. Music selection in-between and after.
No smoking inside, spatious balcony for smokers.
The space is accessible through stairs and elevator.


Participants' registration is not mandatory but very appreciated!
Please send a mail to alice [at] occultomagazine.com where you let us know:
- your name
- if you wish to eat with us
- optional: a few words about you, your work or your interests